2018 Wooden Boat Festival Poster

2018 Wooden Boat Festival Poster

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2018 Poster Artist: Jesse Watson

The Wooden Boat Festival is a rich, historic festival with many different facets. But for me, there is one that I wanted to bring to this year’s poster image in particular. As someone who has been lucky enough to play music on the Bar Harbor stage a number of times, I hoped to capture the exuberance of this part of the festival. 

This is a working marina. A diverse collection of boat makers, maritime industry and tourism. Making sails with hands and sweat and years of experience. Wood whisperers transforming Teak and Oak into vessels that navigate the globe.  

Then comes Saturday evening at the festival and we all come together. The orange glow of the crowd dancing together contrasting the ultramarine blues of a late summer evening in Port Townsend. That crowd is truly something special; the coming together of ages and backgrounds to dance together in the warmth of each other and in celebration of our heritage on the water.