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R2AK Special Edition Course Chart

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Start to Finish. This is it. Charts are 10″ by 24″ and printed on tear/water resistant paper, so you can blow your nose with it.

This is for planning, bragging and framing.  And it's the only full picture, anywhere, of the course.  The chart contains one less waypoint, so racers can "go your own way" more.

The 2022 R2AK Special Edition Course Chart includes a One Less Waypoint sticker.  We've removed Seymour Narrows as a mandatory waypoint on the way to Ketchikan.  You can still go via Seymour Narrows, you just don’t have to. Consider it an open relationship. 

See more details on the R2AK page of the NWMC website.  Stickers also sold separately.